Client Spotlight – Caitlin Clarke

Here is a great client spotlight to start off 2018. Caitlin Clarke is a one-on-one client at Westminster Strength who trains with Steve Barker. Caitlin has been training three times per week since February 2017, only missing sessions for some vacation time. Her work so far has been nothing short of incredible.


I’ve known Caitlin and her husband for years and she came to me looking to shed some weight and get in shape. She’s more than exceeded those goals since the first time she came into the gym. As of today, January 2nd, 2018, Caitlin has lost 45 pounds. For the better part of the past year, she followed all of my recommendations closely. We trained for strength three times per week, tracked calories so she was in a caloric deficit, and had a daily protein goal. She did this week in and week out, without missing much time, for a full year and has been wildly successful. Simple methods with great results. Here’s to Caitlin’s hard work and success!




Please share with us a little about your background.

I’m 27 and I am a veterinary cardiac nurse. I live in Rockville with my husband and our 3 dogs.

What was your exercise history before WSC?  

Not much! I joined a gym once and it was pretty intimidating so I eventually lost interest. I focused on cardio because that’s what everyone else was doing.

How did you find out about WSC and what was the catalyst to get you to contact us and come in your first day?

My friend Steve Barker is my coach and I would see his posts about what he was doing at WSC, and always knew that if I started strength training, I would go to him. I had read stories online about strength training and how you could change the shape of your body without being on the treadmill for hours. I wanted to get in shape and be strong, so I made the decision to start training.

What are your current personal bests for all the lifts? 

150×3 Squat, 80×2 Bench, 70×2 Press, 195×2 Deadlift

What is your favorite lift and why?

Squats are definitely my favorite. It’s the lift I think I’m best at and have progressed the most with.


How long after starting at WSC before you noticed a difference?

I noticed a difference about 1 month after starting. It’s been 10 months and now everyone tells me they can see a difference!

How has strength training impacted your daily life? 

I have so much more confidence than I did 10 months ago! It’s the only exercise that has kept me motivated and constantly striving to work harder and be better. It also makes lifting at my job easier, and is a great outlet for stress.

How is strength training different than what you did before for exercise?

I think it’s different in that there will always be a new goal to reach, and that keeps me motivated to keep going. I haven’t lost interest like I did with previous exercise because I genuinely enjoy strength training and it doesn’t seem like a chore unlike other things I’ve tried.




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