Westminster Strength and Conditioning is the largest Starting Strength Gym in the world.  Since 2006 we have helped thousands of people learn how to strength train effectively.  We are home to the best strength coaches in the world.

The Starting Strength System

Strength is the most important aspect of one’s physical existence, and a lack of Strength compromises both athletic performance and the quality of life as we age.

The Starting Strength System is a distillation of Mark Rippetoe’s experiences over three and a half decades as a competitive powerlifter, Olympic weightlifting coach, and gym owner, coupled with a systematic analysis of the physics of human movement under the barbell.

Barbell training is simply loaded human movement, and the Starting Strength System makes use of the most basic movement patterns that work the entire body as a coordinated system, gradually increasing loads that make the whole body stronger, in a logical, understandable, time-tested manner – the way athletes have gotten stronger for millennia.  Our friend Paul Horn explains what we do.