Power Athlete


There’s a lot of flashy training out there. Endless speed, agility, and jump drills that look “cool” and “athletic” but are ultimately just showcasing athletic ability.

We don’t just display athleticism – we build it.

Softball Sprint

Our Power Athlete program focuses on proper, long-term athletic development. Too often athletes are put into programs that are not appropriate for their level of training advancement, mostly for the sake of having training look more complicated than it needs to be.

Our Power Athlete program focuses on proper, long-term athletic development by building a solid base of proper movement and strength/power work, complimented by appropriate conditioning.

Back Squat

There are three main goals of training:

Strength/Power Production – Anytime you run, jump, cut, hit, etc, you are challenging your body’s ability to create force against the ground or your opponent. If you have not built a solid foundation of strength upon which to draw from, all the agility work and “speed training” drills will not help. Barbell exercises are the most efficient way to do this (there’s a reason you see them in every collegiate and professional S&C program) and our ability to teach them is unrivaled in the area.

Energy systems – Unless your sport is distance running, going out and running for distance several days per week does not adequately prepare you for what you will encounter in sport. Your body produces energy through multiple pathways, and your conditioning should reflect the type of stress you will encounter. Sprints, sled pushes, bike sprints, heavy carries, hill sprints, and much more are used with attention to work/rest intervals to best prepare you for the season.

Injury Prevention – An important part of building up a strength base in the offseason is that it prepares your muscles, tendons, and bones to handle the rigors of a sports season. While we can’t stop all injuries from happening, we can reduce the likelihood of them occuring through proper training.