Starting Strength Program

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The Starting Strength System is a distillation of Mark Rippetoe’s experiences over three and a half decades as a competitive powerlifter, Olympic weightlifting coach, and gym owner, coupled with a systematic analysis of the physics of human movement under the barbell.

Nick Squat RehabThis program revolves around the squat, press, deadlift, bench press, and power clean – compound barbell exercises that for decades have been the foundation of successful strength programs. The progressive nature of the program means that results are easy to quantify and continue for the length of the program.


Power Athlete Program

Lax prowlerkevin squatOur Power Athlete Program is the only one of its kind in the Westminster area.  You will learn the basic barbell lifts (squat, press, bench, deadlift, clean, and snatch) from the area’s best strength coaches.  A program will be developed specifically for you depending on your level of training advancement.  You will be coached and your progress will be monitored throughout the entire process.  The Power Athlete Program will make you a stronger, faster, more durable athlete.



Barbell Club


Westminster Strength and Conditioning sends athletes to compete at some of the highest levels of barbell sport. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a new sport, or an experienced master’s lifter, we offer the environment and coaching you need to thrive.