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  • Fit For Duty

    Fit For Duty

    Our next blog post comes from Melissa and features something she is pretty passionate about – strength and conditioning for first responders. We’ve got a ton of first responders at the gym who are trained by or who train alongside Melissa. Melissa has worked in the field for over 15 years, always with a focus … Continue reading "Fit For Duty"Read More »
  • Spotlight – Mallory Sutphin

    Spotlight – Mallory Sutphin

    I thought it might be cool to switch things up a little bit for this version of our Spotlight. Everybody at the gym knows Mallory now, but most haven’t seen how she’s grown from the person that walked in the door 8 years ago to the coach she is today. She’s one of the few … Continue reading "Spotlight – Mallory Sutphin"Read More »
  • Member Spotlight – Sarah Blanton

    Member Spotlight – Sarah Blanton

    Our next member spotlight features Sarah Blanton. Sarah has been coming in to train several days per week for about 4 years now. While most of her time is spent with our early evening crew, she will occasionally pop in at 5 or 6 am before school if she has a busy day. Not something … Continue reading "Member Spotlight – Sarah Blanton"Read More »
  • College Summer Workout Programs – Is Yours Actually Getting You Prepared?

    College Summer Workout Programs – Is Yours Actually Getting You Prepared?

  • How To Get Stronger And Run Faster

    How To Get Stronger And Run Faster

    We recently featured one of our members, Allison Monheit, who qualified for the Boston Marathon.  She finished first in her age group running a 03:26:54.  This was only her second marathon and it was over 50 minutes faster than her first.  A great accomplishment for any runner but Allison also did something else remarkable leading … Continue reading "How To Get Stronger And Run Faster"Read More »